Have you tried our Aura Tea? Click here to order a sample pack Have you tried our Aura Tea? Click here to order a sample pack


Get 20% off Aura Herbal Tea this festive season!

Get 20% off Aura Herbal Tea this festive season!

If you love Aura Herbal Tea, why not give the gift of tea to your family and friends to help them feel a little bit healthier over the festive period?

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Aura Herbal Tea is specially formulated for all sorts of people with different health goals.

  1. TranquiliT 


For those who want a bit of peace and quiet, TranquiliT is your cup of tea. It's full of naturally calming tea to help you de-stress and unwind. It's just the thing to help you relax after a hectic day Christmas shopping.

2. SleepyT

SleepyT - tea to help you relax for sleep

Perhaps somebody you know is struggling to sleep with all that's going on. Try SleepyT, one of our most successful herbal teas which has a blend of natural sedatives such as reishi mushroom and lily bulb. This tea is excellent for helping you relax into a deep slumber.

3. Pure EnergyT

Pure EnergyT - caffeine free alternative to coffee

Trying to kick the caffeine? Try Pure EnergyT, our unique blend of peppermint, American ginseng and ginger to give you a natural buzz to get things done. It's caffeine free so you won't feel guil-tea (sorry).

4. DetoxT

DetoxT - to support your natural detoxification process

Is somebody you know already partying hard? Try our DetoxT to help flush out toxic alcohol metabolites from the liver more efficiently. DetoxT contains lotus leaves and cassia seeds which help to support your natural detoxification process.

5. SlimmingT

SlimmingT - with herbs with health boosting properties to help you rebalance your weight

For those who want to lose weight as their new year's resolution, help them stick to their weight loss goals with SlimmingT. Our blend contains lotus leaf, hawthorn, astragalus root and oolong tea to help you detoxify and rebalance naturally.

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*20% discount is applicable to all orders over £50. Discount code is valid for one purchase per customer only.

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