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How to Manage Internal Wind Naturally

How to Manage Internal Wind Naturally

After a blowout on the weekend, you're sure to have some internal wind that needs freeing. 

As liberating as it is to let rip, there's definitely a time and a place for it (office or the lift are not the best choices)

For those who experience this a little too often, it can be frustrating to bottle your natural wind up all day leading to a very uncomfortable feeling. 

So, to ensure you don't have to provide your family and friends with nose pegs when in a 5 feet radius of you, here are some suitable natural formulas to assist with dispelling your flatulence...

1) Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang

One for those who experience internal pain from holding them in with all their might...
Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang may assist with dispelling cold and damp from the body, shifting wind and providing relief to a painful, internal obstruction.
Best for: If you experience internal pain/discomfort from flatulence.
Sorry to be so descriptive, but sometimes excessive wind is a sign of something more substantial...
Sheng Tong Zhu Yu Tang may assist with promoting bowel movements, expel wind and assist with the relaxation of the muscles/nerves. 
Best for: If you want to promote bowel movements to dispel wind.
An uncomfortable feeling internally can lead to body holding up some red flags...
Shi Du Qing Pian may assist with eliminating heat from your body, nourish your blood, address itching and dispel internal wind.
Best for: If you experience other unwanted feelings internally and want to help eliminate these.

4) Tong Bian Ling Pian  

For those at the other end of the spectrum, this is for you...

Tong Bian Ling Pian may assist with constipation, dark urine, internal dryness, flatulence and invigorating the blood.
Best for: If you experience constipation and excessive wind which won't shift.

With excessive wind comes discomfort which inevitably leads to frustration...

Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang may assist with abdominal discomforts, balancing your stomach QI, expel internal wind and regulate your gastrointestinal hormones.
Best for: If you want a versatile supplement for all things 'windy'. 


So, now that you've got an arsenal of anti-gas remedies to keep those farts at bay, you'll breeze through the day without the uncomfortable feeling of holding back the trumps!

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