Effective Way To Take Aura Nutrition Supplement
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How To Take An Aura Nutrition Supplement Effectively

How To Take An Aura Nutrition Supplement Effectively

The hardest part of the journey to effective supplementation is quite often the very beginning. It can be easy to get swept up in what could happen if the supplements work as intended, but that over-excitement can sometimes lead to not properly following instructions, or abandoning a formula before it’s even had time to take effect. 

Today we're going to give you everything you need to start supplementing effectively. But in order to do that, it helps to take a trip behind the curtain, to find out what goes into each of our supplements and why...

How many herbs are used in a bottle of Aura?

Our supplements are herbal formulas that use a combination of different Eastern herbs to target specific health concerns. Each herb has its own inherent properties and potential uses, and when combined with other herbs, they synergise to create a formulation which is capable of targeting a multitude of concerns collectively

It's a system that has remained the backbone of Chinese medicine herbal treatments for thousands of years. We'll use one of our most popular formulas, Mai Wei Di Huang Wan, as an example. It's made up of eight different herbs, and has a number of intended functions. 

Mai Wei Di Huang Wan 麦味地黄丸 (Rehmannia & Chinese Yam)

Entry meridians: Kidney & Lung

The individual properties of the herbs on the right-hand side give the formula the intended functions we've listed on the left-hand side. For each of those potential effects, it's possible to trace back where they originate from by assessing the latent properties of each herb. 

  • Dry skin | Rehmannia Root
  • Internal Health | Dogwood Fruit
  • Acne | Rehmannia Root
  • Skin quality | Rehmannia Root, Lily-Turf Root
  • Ageing | Rehmannia Root
  • Lung health | Lily-Turf Root
  • Asthma | Lily-Turf Root
  • Sore throat | Lily-Turf Root
  • Chronic cough | Lily-Turf Root
  • Night sweating | Dogwood Fruit

We've picked three herbs at random to illustrate our point: Rehmannia Root, Dogwood Fruit, and Lily-Turf Root. Below are the properties they are believed to possess in Chinese medicine, and how they might contribute to the effectiveness of Mai Wei Di Huang Wan*

Rehmannia – clears heat, nourishes blood, restores Kidney yin

Rehmannia Root is believed to improve Kidney yin. The Kidney is responsible for the regulation of water in the body, and improved moisture may result in an improvement in overall skin quality and skin drynessAdditionally, Mai Wei Di Huang Wan’s potential anti-ageing properties may also come from the possible improvement in Kidney yi, as symptoms of ageing are thought to be a sign of Kidney weakness. 

Dogwood Fruit – manages excessive sweating, stabilises kidneys, tonifies Liver

Dogwood Fruit has long been utilised for its ability to combat excessive perspirationMai Wei Di Huang Wan is often prescribed by Chinese medicine practitioners to treat the issue of persistent night sweating. Dogwood Fruit has traditionally been associated with improving Kidney and Liver health, which may lead to an increase in internal health overall.

Lily Turf Root – replenishes fluids, moistens lungs, aids breathing issues

One of Lily Turf Root’s primary functions is to replenish fluids, which further bolsters Mai We Di Huang Wan’s potential of treating dry skin issues. Mai Wei Di Huang Wan also aims to improve lung health and issues associated with a deficiency in that regard – Lily Turf Root can help moisten the lungs, which can in turn treat symptoms like asthma, sore throat, and a dry, chronic cough

Mai Wei Di Huang Wan 麦味地黄丸 (Rehmannia & Chinese Yam) | Purchase Now

You could break down the rest of the herbal ingredients in this way – with any formula – and get a picture of how each one contributes to the overall efficacy of your herbal supplement. No herb is here accidentally – they're each picked for a specific reason, and help to form a medicinal mosaic powered by authentic Eastern herbs that have been used, and cherished, for millennia*. 

What makes our herbal supplements special? 

On a fundamental level, they’re special because Chinese herbal formulas are special. They are the extant legacy of thousands of years of iterative Eastern medicinal wisdom, that is still growing and evolving to this day. We treat them with the correct reverence, but not everybody does. 

We make our supplements to a standard of quality that never wavers. Our commitment to that quality can be summed up by the following key points, which are consistent across all our supplements (yes, even your favourites – especially your favourites). 

  • 5:1 concentration ratio - 180g of natural herbs used in each bottle
  • 4-9x stronger than other brands - our potent formulations pack more herbal punch per capsule
  • Natural ingredients - composed of a carefully-selected assortment of authentic, premium Eastern herbs
  • Vegan & vegetarian friendly - cruelty-free supplements that don’t sacrifice quality
  • Gluten-free - stomach-friendly for coeliac sufferers
  • Non-GMO - devoid of nasty genetic modifications 
  • 100% recyclable bottle - part of our continued push to an environmentally-optimised product range

How do I take an Aura supplement effectively?

While each herbal formula is different in ingredient list and intended functions, there are only two types of dosage configurations. The first, and most common one you'll encounter is the following: 

Maximum daily intake: 6 tablets per day

Dosage recommendation: 3 tablets in the morning and 3 in the evening 

But some have a slightly different recommended schedule and max intake, like Ban Xia Hou Pu Tang for example: 

Maximum daily intake: 4 tablets per day

Dosage recommendation: 2 tablets in the morning and 2 in the evening

How do I figure out which is which? 

This one's pretty simple. The relevant dosage instruction can be found on each and every herbal formula on the site. It's imperative that you ensure you read these carefully, as doing so ensures optimal safety and effectiveness.

Can I take more than one Aura supplement at a time? 

Yes, you can, but there are limitations. Whichever dosage configuration a supplement belongs to will tell you how much of them you can take daily – in total, even when combining multiple formulas. 

For example, Gui Pi Tang and Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan both have a max intake of 6 tablets per day. You can take both of them, but you have to make sure you stay within that 6 tablet limit. You can’t have 6 Gui Pi Tang and 6 Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan. You can have 3 of each, or 4 of one and 2 of the other, as long as the total amount does not exceed the daily limit stipulated in the dosage suggestions. 

Supplements that have a max dosage of 4 tablets per day follow the same logic. You could take 2 Guan Jie Yan Wan with 2 Ban Xia Hou Pu Tang – again, as long as you ensure you don’t exceed the daily limit. 

You can mix between configurations, but the upper limit will always be six tablets.

How do I make sure I remember? 

You could bank on your brain’s ability to perform flawlessly every day without fail… or you could set a daily reminder/alarm to go off at the same time in the morning and the evening. You’ll find this function either in a dedicated reminder app or as part of your alarm software on your phone. 

How long should it take to see results? 

When following the correct supplementation schedule outline above, you should start to see results within 3 months


In order to take supplements effectively, you have to take it seriously. As long as you go into your supplementation plan with the intention to do it properly – to read and follow the instructions, and to exercise patience when you wait for results – you're really giving yourself the best possible chance to benefit from these ever-entrancing Eastern herbal supplements*. 

For more on how to take supplements effectively, check out this blog.

*Please note, Aura Nutrition cannot guarantee the positive effects of its products. Results may vary. Our products are not designed to treat medical conditions or diseases.

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