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Pregnancy: Which Herbal Tea is Best?

Pregnancy: Which Herbal Tea is Best?

First thing's first - if you're expecting... Congratulations!

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience, so we understand it's important to keep your health in top condition for your baby.

If you're a big fan of fruity herbal teas, you're in luck!

Here's our ideal herbal tea, which may be perfectly formulated for pregnancy:


Packed with natural antioxidants, HappyT is a delightful blend of Jasmine, Common Linden Leaves and Palmleaf Raspberry which can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. 

Stressing when pregnant is never a comfortable feeling, so this recipe is designed to potentially calm your body, revitalise your heart and mind, while enhancing your inner wellbeing. 

Aaaand... before you ask any questions, this tea does not contain any artificial colours, added sugar, flavours or preservatives - so your health is always top of mind!

How to Brew the Perfect HappyT

Now that you're all set to soothe your body with natural Chinese herbs, here's how to make the perfect tea:

So - stick that kettle on, grab yourself a mug and weave into a world of wonderful herbs. 

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