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Which Herbs Assist to Improve Optimism?

Which Herbs Assist to Improve Optimism?

We've all been there. Everything seems to go your way and you feel invincible.

But there comes a time where, understandably, you get a little suspicious as to how long this string of good luck will last. 

Then, inevitably when your good fortune dries up (which it will, sorry to admit), it's difficult to remain optimistic about the future.

You question everything - when will I get that amazing feeling back? Am I cursed? 

The list goes on... 

It's a task in itself to recover your optimism and get those positive vibes back on track. 

So with that being said, here are 5 natural remedies to help you maintain an optimistic outlook...

1) Te Xiao An Mian Pian (Silktree Bark & Red Sage)

A remedy for those who allow worry to distort their trail of thought...
Te Xiao An Mian Pian may assist with calming your mind, promoting a more positive mood/outlook and resolving worry which affects quality of sleep.
Best for: If you're looking for a remedy to promote mood and dispel doubt

2) Long Dan Xie Gan Tang (Cape Jasmine Fruit & Skullcap Root)

Being exposed to stressful situations can often cloud your optimistic mindset...
Long Dan Xie Gan Tang may assist with relieving stress, promoting mind wellness, reducing headaches/migraines, irritability and anger.
Best for: If your frustration levels are affecting your positive outlook 

3) Geng Nian An (Rehmannia & Chinese Foxglove Root)

This formula is perfect for the 'flustered' type...
Geng Nian An may assist with restlessness, aiding to calm your mind and reduce internal hot flashes. 
Best for: If you experience restlessness and need a mental calming aid

4) Jie Yu An Shen Pian (Eucommia Bark & Liquorice Root)

An Aura best seller makes an entry into this post for its appealing properties... 

Jie Yu An Shen Pian may assist with sedating your mind, reducing the symptoms of mental health disorders, help insomnia and neurofunctional exfoliation. 

Best for: If you're looking to potentially suppress mental health disorders and sedate your mind to assist with raising optimism levels

5) HappyT (Jasmin & Linden Leaf)

For all you herbal tea lovers, this one will help you sip your way to a cheerful outlook... 

Drinking one teabag of HappyT per day may assist with revitalising your heart and mind, boosting metabolism levels and promoting a more positive vibe. 

Best for: If you're a herbal tea lover and want to sip your way to a more optimistic approach 


Now that you've got some natural remedies to help you get back on the track to a more optimistic mindset, the world's your oyster so don't let anything get in the way of your greatness!

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