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Worry & Concern: 5 Herbal Remedies to Suppress these Symptoms

Worry & Concern: 5 Herbal Remedies to Suppress these Symptoms

With everything going on in the world currently, you'd be doing pretty well to go through each day without a hint of worry crossing your mind.

Constant increases in living costs, high levels of uncertainty and other factors can drastically influence our attitudes towards life and in turn, add more worry to our daily routine. 

So, without further ado here are 5 great herbal remedies to dispel those worried or concerns thoughts that we could all do without.... 

How does Chinese medicine view worry? 

Worry (known as si) is associated with the spleen meridian, a prime zang organ responsible for digestion.

Any damage to the spleen qi can cause complications for distributing nutrients and water throughout the body, so it's important to keep these systems balanced at all times. 

While worry and concern are directly linked to the spleen, these complications can be classified as 'pensiveness' or 'over-thinking'. 

Where do these emotions originate?

Chinese scripture states that pensiveness originates from the heart, occupying a person's hearing and concentration. 

Prolonged over-thinking can lead to stagnation of the heart qi, with symptoms such as strong palpitations, weakness in the limbs, anxiety, disturbed sleep/insomnia, forgetfulness and dementia.  

It is also thought that some menstrual irregularities can also be associated with this type of qi stagnation. 

What are the solutions?

Starting supplementation with Chinese herbal remedies is an effective way to suppress worry and concern through the spleen meridian.

Check out the most effective remedies here:

Our daily recommended dosage of these remedies is 6 tablets* for most remedies. Some formulas recommend 4 tablets daily, so please check the label.  

For best results, take these is twice a day (morning and evening).

*We always recommend consulting a Chinese medical practitioner prior to starting supplementation, as they will be able to give tailored advice on your personal recommended daily dosage. 


Now that you're ready to kickstart your supplementation, put those worries to the back of your mind and keep those positive vibes flowing!

For any further queries regarding the herbal supplement range or any of our products, please email info@auranutrition.com and we'll be happy to help. 

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