Fei Yan™ Diet Tea - 160 Tea Bags

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Looking for a natural weight loss guide to promote metabolism? You're in the right place!

Here's how Aura's Fei Yan™ Diet Tea can help your slimming goals:

1) 100% Natural Ingredients

Using traditional Chinese herbs to create an effective formula, Fei Yan™ Diet Tea combines Lotus Leaf, Tangerine Peel, Rhubarb Root, Stevia Leaf and Oolong Tea to create this beautiful blend of ingredients with a delicious taste. 

This blend is naturally caffeine-free. 

2) Supports weight loss and slimming 

Drinking Fei Yan™ Diet Tea is a perfect, natural way to detoxify your body by promoting metabolism, making it a powerful tea to support weight loss. 

3) Exclusive Partnership 

In the past, many counterfeit products were produced and the market was saturated with poor quality products, causing problematic side effects.

We have an exclusive partnership with the original creator of Fei Yan Tea™, and to ensure you receive the best quality product, we only supply the authentic Fei Yan™ Diet Tea to our customers.

Directions for Use

Caution: Progressively increase the number of teabags over a number of weeks, but do not exceed 3 bags per day.

It is important to start gently by using 1 teabag and monitor how your body responds.

This product is not suitable for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women. Do not exceed recommended dosage.

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