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Why Use Natural Herb Supplements?

Why Use Natural Herb Supplements?

We want to make traditional Chinese herbs more accessible to everyone. They've got a wide variety of health benefits and are versatile ingredients in tea and cooking

Now, why would you choose an Aura Herb Supplement over any other brand you've already heard of?

Good question - we'd be asking the same in your position!

But... there is a difference... a clear difference.

Here's why we think you could achieve your health goals with the help of a 100% natural, herbal supplement... 

Premium Quality, Premium Herbs

We believe in the best, the very best, and only the best

Since we launched this range back in September 2020, we have brought together years of development with our own trusted suppliers to source the highest quality Chinese herbs from source.

How do we know this?

Again, another good question!

All of our Chinese herbs are non-sulphur treated, meaning they are grown according to classical DaoDi principles at their original source. Check out an example of a sulphur vs. non-sulphur treated herb - quite the difference!

We follow traditional methods to extract herbs according to classical texts and Chinese pharmacopoeia.

Unlike traditional teapills, no cornstarch or sugar is used to bind the herbs together.

Extraction methods are used based on the herb’s chemical composition.

To ensure we extract optimal levels of the active ingredient, some herbs are extracted with water and some are extracted with alcohol.

Our supplement range has been standardised to a concentration ration of 5:1 from raw herb to finished product.

Each tablet contains 600mg of authentic DaoDi herbs, therefore; a single bottle of 60 tablets weighs 36g and is equivalent to 180g of raw herb.

That's a lot of herb!


One bottle of Aura lasts up to 2 weeks, and has a shelf life of 5 years.

The leading brand of teapills may weigh roughly 33g and is equivalent to just 20-30g of raw herbs, for one-week’s dosage.

Starch and sugar are often used in teapills to bind the ingredients together, which leads to lower concentration and concerns for eliciting a blood sugar response.

So - when put into perspective, the stats speak for themselves... 

The differences are clear to see, as shown by the above chart. Aura products may yield better and quicker results than other forms of herbal remedies. 

So - the next time you're looking for a supplement to assist with your health goals, you know where to find us! 

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For any further queries, please email info@auranutrition.com and we'll be happy to help! 

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