What's Special About DaoDi Herbs?

Herbs are fantastic, aren't they?

For something that can be small in stature, they definitely pack a punch when it comes to aligning your health & wellbeing goals. 

We're proud to say that all of our authentic Chinese herbs are grown using the traditional DaoDi concept.

And understandably, you're probably thinking what on earth does that mean in Lehman's terms?

Let's explore this together... 

What is the DaoDi concept?

We use this concept to grow our herbs, found in our natural supplements and herbal teas.

This ancient methodology dates back to the classical text 'Shen Nong Gen Cao Jing the Divine Farmer's Materia Medica'.

Legend stated that growing herbs in the right place and harvesting them at the right time from authentic places of origin result in the highest possible quality. 

Another cool feature - these herbs are 100% traceable to the original source with the help of a transparent field to customer supply chain.

For centuries, Chinese herbs have always been heavily influenced by the natural resources available in China. 

As a large empire, the sheer scale and size of this country allows us a bigger scope to find an authentic blend of herbs for our supplements and herbal teas. 

So, keep an eye out in future as our product range expands with a wider range of authentic Chinese herbs for health & wellbeing!

What does DaoDi actually mean?

Due to this being a unique concept in Chinese, the term 'DaoDi' doesn't directly translate in English. 

The word 'Dao' originally described the range of districts across the Chinese empire, or as we would commonly know them 'provinces'.

'Di' represents the soil, geography and landforms across the nation, so if we had to put our finger on it - we'd loosely translate 'DaoDi' to 'Geo-authentic'. 

What are the benefits of DaoDi herbs?

When it comes to picking our formulas wisely, combining the highest quality ingredients together into beautiful blends gives you confidence that you are purchasing the highest quality natural health products to aid your wellbeing goals, with an assured safety/efficacy of treatment. 

Some other key benefits of this concept are sustainability and versatility. Many factors can affect the growth of natural resources (climate, soil quality, drainage, terrain), therefore we are proud to have flexibility to comfortably change DaoDi growing regions dependent on these factors. 

The result - a better quality herb to help you achieve greatness. 

Are there any other factors which affect this concept?

As herbs grown under this concept are known to be superior in quality, many suppliers are taking advantage of this by incorrectly labeling ingredients as 'DaoDi'. 

Key characteristics of these include:

1) Considerably cheaper 

2) Not grown in the place of origin

3) Labelled as the wrong species 

4) Treated with sulphur 

For example, herbs such as Thorowax Root (Chai Hu) and Pinellia (Ban Xia) have seen a huge demand increase, but significant output decrease due to other counterfeit products being circulated in the market. 

Below is an example of how to spot a fake species:

Producing an additional chemical component, Paeoniflorin Sulfonate when treating White Peony (Bai Shao), the stats speak for themselves when comparing the effectiveness of the herb.

Treating Bai Shao with sulphur reduced the concentration by over 50%, when compared to non-sulphur treated herbs.

Therefore, Aura's ethos as a business is to only use 100% natural products, sourced from the best regions across China and decocted into formulas so that you can benefit from these wonderful, vibrant herbs. 


Now that you've got a better understanding of what goes into our range of diet supplements and functional herbal teas, dive into a wonderful world of herbs to fulfill your health goals naturally. 

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