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Our mission is to help make Chinese herbs more accessible to modern society. We follow Eastern philosophies as we believe it is sometimes best to go back to basics.

All of our ingredients are natural, vegan friendly and gluten-free.

Based on authentic Eastern herbs, our natural diet supplements and herbal teas are created to achieve your health & wellbeing goals naturally.

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How to Help Assist Insomnia With Natural Remedies

How to Help Assist Insomnia With Natural Remedies

With the sudden surge of hot weather hitting the UK, you've probably had a manic day and are looking forward to a delightful sleep ahead. Then, insomnia enters the picture and distorts your plans of a restful night. Tossing, turning, night sweats, the lot. So, here are our best natural remedies which may help give insomnia the boot once and for all...

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