Fei Yan™ Tea

Authentic Fei Yan™ Tea 正品飞燕 - the most popular diet tea in Europe!
Genuine, authentic product to help guide people through their weight control journey safely.

Fei Yan Tea is inspired by Eastern legend, being named after a Chinese Empress of the Han Dynasty - Zhao Fei Yan. Her slim and fragile figure was sought after by many, who were intrigued to find out her secret formula

Fei Yan directly translates to 'Flying Sparrow', which drew comparisons to the graceful bird. The legend says that Zhao Fei Yan was 'as light as a swallow and could dance on another one's palm'. Rumour has it that the Empress maintained her small waistline by drinking her authentic Fei Yan diet tea daily. 

A natural way to detoxify your body by promoting metabolism.