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Hair Loss & Alopecia: Natural Herb Formulas to Help These Conditions

Discovering a few strands of hair on your pillow on a one-off occasion probably isn't going to phase you. To continually wake up with less and less coverage on your head is going to enviably take its toll on your confidence and increase stress. 

Hair Loss/Alopecia can transform your perception of yourself. Ignoring the early signs of this condition can make it increasingly difficult to stop further loss down the line. 

So, without further ado, here are some Chinese herbal remedies to assist with the effects of hair loss to strengthen your scalp... 

What is hair loss?

Hair loss itself is a fairly common condition. On average, we lose between 50-100 hairs per day and with over 100,000 hairs on your scalp, this loss is typically goes unnoticed as the hair re-grows over time.

However, with hair loss conditions this number can increase dramatically.

With up to 50% of hair loss cases, male and female pattern baldness is the main culprit responsible for these effects. 

Androgenic alopecia and alopecia areata are also big hair loss offenders, as these conditions affect the thickness of your hair follicles and can encourage your immune system to internally damage the quality of your scalp. 

These effects can gradually develop over years, or happen abruptly with no prior warning. Dependent on the underlying cause, these effects may be temporary or even permanent so it's important to act fast. 

What are the symptoms of hair loss/alopecia?

Check out the common symptoms and signs of hair loss/alopecia below:

  • Receding hairline 
  • Losing large amounts of hair
  • Bald patches appearing
  • Widening part of your scalp
  • Pain or itching on the scalp

What are some long-term solutions?

Utilising Chinese herbal remedies is a fantastic and easy way to naturally boost your scalp and build stronger hair follicles. 

Check out our best remedies to assist hair loss/alopecia:

Our daily recommended dosage of Chinese herbal supplements is 6 tablets* to promote health and wellbeing.

The traditional way of taking these tablets is twice a day (morning and evening).

For best results, we recommend taking these with breakfast in the morning, and just before bed in the evening.  

*We always recommend contacting a consultant prior to starting supplementation, as they will be able to give tailored advice on your personal recommended daily dosage. 


Now that you've got an array of herbal supplements to fight the effects of this condition, kickstart your journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle with the help of natural Chinese herbs!

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