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How to Make the Perfect Cup of Fei Yan Tea

With Fei Yan Tea, it's all about steeping the teabag to receive the maximum benefits from the herbal ingredients. 

So - we listened to what you had to say about this weight control tea and we wanted to uncover what the sweet spot was when drinking genuine Fei Yan Tea...

How Did We Test This?

We got the entire Aura team together in the office for a big taste test - the common goal - to find the best tasting Fei Yan formula for best results. 

Three cups of this tea were laid out for each member of the team to test:

Cup 1 - Instantly drunk 

Cup 2 - Allowed to steep for 3 minutes then drunk

Cup 3 - Allowed to steep for 5 minutes, sipped, then a further 5 minutes then drunk

What Was The Consensus?

If you're an experienced herbal tea drinker, you'll have probably guessed that Cup 1 was an instant no-no among the Aura team. Feedback such as "not much flavour", and "a bit watery" were mentioned, so let's quickly dismiss this entry. 

Cup 2 had quite a positive reaction among the team, with many stating that this had more of a "kick to it" and a "stronger herb taste but not too overpowering". A clear improvement when comparing this to Cup 1 of Fei Yan Tea. 

To round the taste test off, Cup 3's feedback at the 5 minute mark was very interesting. Many of the Aura team were in agreement that the herb taste was "far stronger than Cup 2, but still not too overpowering".

A further 5 minute chit-chat later and it was time for the second half of the experiment. Cup 3's 10 minute steep proved a little too long in hindsight, with many of the Aura team stating that it was "now too herb-y" and "actually starting to get cold"

How to Achieve Best Results with Fei Yan Tea

So there you have it folks - the best practice as per the recommendations of the people was Cup 2 (a 3 minute steep) for the optimal taste and best results for your weight control journey.

But - we'd still love to hear the ways in which you've ensured maximum herbal goodness from your Fei Yan cuppa, so please get in touch with us via and join the debate! 

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