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Panic Attacks: 5 Natural Herb Remedies to Suppress the Symptoms

Panic Attacks: 5 Natural Herb Remedies to Suppress the Symptoms

Worry and panic are two things we could all do without, but unfortunately they can play a big role in continually changing our perspective and mood. 

Your day could be running smoothly until a sudden thought or trigger jeopardises your plans of a peaceful, stress-free day. 

So, without further ado here's how Chinese herbal remedies may assist with suppressing the spontaneous symptoms of panic attacks... 

What are panic attacks?

Panic attacks are a form of response to fear, with symptoms ranging from a hot feeling in your body to a racing heartbeat and persistent nauseous feeling. 

They can be very sudden and unexpected, making them particularly difficult to deal with. One of the hardest things to do when under pressure is calming your mind and body. 

With some panic attacks lasting between 5-20 minutes, in severe cases these can last up to an hour. Suppressing the symptoms of this condition can be one step in the right direction towards a calmer mind and body.

What are some common symptoms?

Some of the potential symptoms when experiencing a panic attack may include:

  • Racing heartbeat
  • Feeling dizzy, light-headed or faint 
  • Sweating
  • Feeling sick/nausea
  • Very hot or very cold in your body
  • Chest or abdomen pains
  • Struggling to breathe
  • Feeling disconnected
  • Jelly-like feeling in your legs 

What are the potential solutions?

Utilising Chinese herbal remedies is a fantastic and sustainable way to potentially ease the symptoms of panic attacks throughout your body.

Check out our best remedies to help:

Geng Nian An 更年安 (Rehmannia & Chinese Foxglove Root)

This herbal remedy contains three key herbs which help to suppress the symptoms of panic attacks; Rehmannia, Chinese Foxglove Root and China Root (Poria). 


Rehmannia (Sheng Di Huang) is a major source of beneficial compounds for suppressing the symptoms of panic attacks. 

This herb is said to be particularly useful for assisting with hormonal balance, reducing headaches, suppressing inflammation/dizziness whilst being naturally high in vitamins.  

Chinese Foxglove Root (Shu Di Huang) is a herb which is steamed, then dried in the sun for use in herbal remedies. 
This herb is prized for its potential to address coughing/wheezing, help tonify the blood and bring nourishment to the liver and kidneys. 
An added bonus of this ingredient is its soft, moist texture with a strong sweet flavour, making it a great food enhancer as a loose herb! 

China Root (Poria/Fu Ling) is one of the most beneficial Chinese herbs to assist with the effects of panic attacks. 

This herb is said to be particularly helpful to assist calming of the spirit, soothing the nervous system, assisting with hot flashes, anxiety and internal inflammation

Jie Yu An Shen Pian 解郁安神丸 (Eucommia Bark & Liquorice Root)

This formula features three key herbs mainly focused on calming the mind and body to suppress panic; Eucommia Bark, Liquorice Root and Laserwort Root. 

Eucommia Bark (Du Zhong) is a prized herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), with the leaves and dried bark being used for health concerns

This herb is prized for its potential to help lower blood pressure, aid the smooth flow of vital energy (qi) throughout the body, tonify the kidney yang and bring internal harmony to the soul. 

Liquorice Root (Gan Cao) is one of the most popular herbs in Eastern culture and for good measure! 

Gan Cao is said to help by acting as a natural anti-inflammatory/soothing herb, regulate the stress hormone, reduce the duration of hot flushes, have a positive effect on muscular and abdominal cramps whilst cleansing the respiratory system. 

Laserwort Root (Fang Feng) is a herb perfect to re-connect your ying and yang naturally and help alleviate panic symptoms. 

This herb is particularly useful to potentially help internal wind, stop spasms, alleviate general pain and provide relief to the body.

Long Dan Xie Gan Tang 龙胆泻肝汤 (Cape Jasmine Fruit & Skullcap Root)

Third on this herbal remedy list is a formula which looks to suppress the strong emotions which attach themselves to panic attacks with three main herb ingredients: Cape Jasmine Fruit, Skullcap Root and Water Plantain Rhizome. 

Cape Jasmine Fruit (Zhi Zi Shan) is a ripe and vibrant herb with a slightly sour and bitter taste

This ingredient may be useful to dispel irritability, address depression/restlessness, assist and relieve internal swelling and also help to dispel dampness of the liver and gallbladder.

Bacial Skullcap Root (Huang Qin) is another crucial ingredient towards controlling the effects of panic attacks naturally.

This herb may be beneficial to clear internal heat and drain dampness in the body, calms the ascending liver yang, clears internal heat and detoxifies the body's natural processes.  

Water Plantain Rhizome (Ze Xie) is a rare Chinese herb which targets the kidney and bladder meridians.

This has been prized for its potential to leach out internal dampness, settle ministerial fire in the kidneys by draining damp-heat from the lower Jiao and provide internal harmony naturally. 

Te Xiao An Mian Pian 特效安眠片 (Silktree Bark & Red Sage)

A herbal formula prized for its ability to 'turn that frown upside down' consists of three prized herbal ingredients: Silktree Bark, Red Sage and Polygonum Vine. 

Silktree Bark (He Huan Pi) also known as Mimosa Tree Bark is popular within TCM as it enters the heart and liver meridians to improve health and wellbeing. 

It is known for its potential ability to calm the spirit, relieve constraints, invigorate and harmonise the blood, regulate qi, dissipates swellings and alleviates internal pain naturally. 

Red Sage (Dan Shen) has been utilised in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over a thousand years. 

It is popular due to its potential ability to promote blood flow, aid the body with heart-boosting, antioxidant properties, may help with neuroprotective properties, reduce hot flashes and promote a more positive outlook/calming effect on the whole body. 

Polygonum Vine (Ye Jiao Teng) is an important ingredient in this herbal formula as it enters the heart and liver meridians to assist the symptoms of panic attacks. 

This herb is predominantly prized for its potential ability to calm the spirit, dispel wind-dampness, alleviate astringes sweat and nourish the heart yin and blood. 

Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan 天王补心丹 (Rehmannia & Polygonum Vine)

To wrap up this collection of natural remedies to suppress panic attack symptoms is this well-rounded remedy. This supplement also features key herbs referenced above, so we're highlighting some other important herbs which play a big part to improve health and wellbeing: Lily-Turf Root, Angelica Root and Asparagus Tuber. 

Lily-Turf Root (Mai Men Dong) is a herb prized for entering the meridians of the heart, lung and stomach to aid panic symptoms. 

This herb may also be beneficial for nourishing yin, moistening the intestines, dispelling bad energy in the heart, eliminating irritability and providing internal harmony. 

Angelica Root (Dang Gui) is one of the most popular Chinese herbs worldwide for its incredible ability to enhance human health. 

This root may be useful to tonify/purify the blood, heart, lungs and kidneys, improve circulation, dilate blood vessels and control muscle spasms as a result of panic attacks. 

Asparagus Tuber (Tian Men Dong) rounds off this herb collection by entering the kidney and lung meridians to aid wellbeing. 

This ingredient may be useful to help nourish the kidney yin, clear lung heat, sedate fire internally, moisten the lungs and provide general nourishment to the body.


Now that you've got a collection of natural herbal remedies to suppress panic attack symptoms, we hope that these vibrant herbs help to transport your mind and body to a quiet, tranquil place (somewhere like the photo above would be delightful)!

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