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World Book Day 2022: Perfect Book & Tea Combinations

World Book Day 2022: Perfect Book & Tea Combinations

There aren't many better feelings in life than snuggling up in bed with a hot cuppa, ready to read the next chapter of your favourite book. 

World Book Day 2022 falls on Thursday 3rd March to celebrate its 25th anniversary. For this year's installment, we're fixing you up with some great book & tea combinations to get you hooked on a thrilling novel. 

We picked the brains of the Aura team for their favourite books and tea choices, so here are our top picks to make this World Book Day one to remember... 

Charlotte: P.S I Love You & HappyT

"My ideal combination is getting immersed in a love story novel, whilst sipping on a HappyT - it brings that little extra ray of sunshine in my life! To be honest, that's my ideal Friday night especially when you hit your thirty's!" 

What makes HappyT special?

Combining Jasmine, Linden Leaf and Palmleaf Raspberry Leaf this delightful herbal tea is a great aid to improve metabolism and mood naturally. 

Jasmine is a prized herb believed to assist liver disease, abdominal pain and severe diarrhoea. It has also been used to promote relaxation and heighten sexual desires. 

Linden Leaves contain anxiolytic, which is an essential oil which has been known to potentially reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure and dilate blood vessels. 

Palmleaf Raspberry Leaves are very popular for their ability to potentially assist the kidneys, reduce excessive urination, invigorate liver deficiencies, benefit your eye health and helpful for maintaining a healthy appearance. 

Tommy: The Art of War & Pure EnergyT

"It's got to be these two, no doubt. I love a thriller so pairing these two together is a perfect match for an evening of adventure. I don't often read, but with these two together there's no putting the book down." 

What makes Pure EnergyT special?

A delightful combination of Astragalus Root, American Ginseng, Codonopsis Root, Palmleaf Raspberry Leaf and Lavanda creates this wonderful herbal tea formulated to channel your energy in a positive manner. 

Astragalus Root is a very popular herb in the East, as it is thought to act as an anti-inflammatory, regulate diabetes, boost immunity and assist with anti-aging capabilities. 

American Ginseng is another important herb which targets brain function, immunity and even aiding weight loss. Consuming this may also aid the lowering of blood sugar levels, improving lung function, support immunity and be an effective anti-inflammatory. 

Codonopsis Root, also known as the 'poor man's ginseng' is a little more flattering than it's name suggests. It may help aid weakness, fatigue, poor appetite, digestion, headaches, chronic coughs and improve your immune system due to its high levels of immunity-enhancing polysaccharides. 

Lavender is a slightly more common ingredient in the Western world, as it is packed with lots of herbal goodness. This may assist with clearing internal heat, expel wind, circulating QI (vital energy) and reduce inflammation.

Josh: Of Mice and Men & DigestiveT

"Throwing it back to my university days, this book alongside a good old DigestiveT is the one for me. I'll be bringing this one back out for World Book Day 2022 so i'm looking forward to getting stuck into this classic." 

What makes DigestiveT special?

A fruity and colourful quartet of herbal ingredients, this tea is perfect for those who battle with digestive issues. 

Citrus/Orange Peel is not only a great source of Vitamin C, but also known to be potentially beneficial for mental health disorders, improving sleep quality, suppress bloating, addressing fatigue, low appetite and can be useful for anti-aging.

Dried Hawthorn Fruit is a sweet, tart-like Eastern herb which resembles an over-ripe apple/cranberry. They have been prized for their potential to treat cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, digestive issues, boosting immunity, improving white blood cell production and assisting mental health disorders. 

Roselle, a species of the Hibiscus family is a versatile flower particularly popular across Indian and Southeast Asia. They may possess the ability to lower blood pressure, clear excess heat, replenish fluids and improve digestion. Being naturally high in vitamin C, calcium, iron, niacin and riboflavin, they are packed with nutrients.

Globe Amaranth has been historically used to treat many respiratory conditions, as it is a powerful antioxidant. It has also been known to potentially aid skin quality, lower blood pressure, prevent gray hairs and reduce fatigue. 

Anna: The Kite Runner & FocusT

"I love powerful novels and this is definitely one of my all-time favourites. You can't beat a FocusT either, it helps me to stay gripped to the book."

What makes FocusT special?

Combining four key ingredients for a focus-driven formula, this is a powerful herbal tea to get that mind working in fifth gear (without the caffeine). 

Peppermint has an aromatic odour and an acrid taste. This may be potentially useful to eradicate a cold/sore throat, assist in easing digestive distress, muscular disorders, benefiting eye and skin health plus reducing stress. 

Liquorice Root has been used in Eastern culture as a powerful guide herb. Their benefits for health and wellbeing may include regulating stress hormones, relieving discomfort, soothing your stomach and cleaning the respiratory system. 

Ginger Root is particularly high in minerals, being a great source of potassium, copper, magnesium and vitamin B6. The health benefits include improving brain function and heart health, reducing soreness and being a great anti-inflammatory. 


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Whichever book you're reaching for in preparation for a chilled evening in with your cuppa of choice, we hope that the Aura team has inspired you to re-connect with this relaxing pastime. 

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