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How to Aid Raynaud's Syndrome with Herbal Remedies

How to Aid Raynaud's Syndrome with Herbal Remedies

Raynaud's syndrome affects your blood circulation, and when you're cold, anxious or stressed your fingers and toes may change colour. Common symptoms include numbness, pain, pins and needles as well as difficulty moving the affected area. In some severe cases, some people may find that their ears, nose or lips are also affected. 

There are an estimated 10 million people who suffer with Raynaud's syndrome in the UK, with many of these undiagnosed. February 2022 marks Raynaud's Awareness Month to shed more light on the condition and assist those affected. 

Luckily, there are a number of natural herbal supplements which may aid the effects of Raynaud's syndrome. Check these out below...  

Raynaud's - TCM's Perspective

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the pathogenesis of Raynaud's is mainly cold coagulation channels, stagnation of liver and blood statis.

The treatment of this condition mainly focuses on warming the meridians within the body, in other terms promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis to soothe the stagnated liver, whilst nourishing the blood and QI (vital energy). 

So, here are 7 key herbal formulas to aid Raynaud's syndrome and find that perfect health balance...

For Yang Deficiencies 

Key symptoms of Yang deficiency in Raynaud's syndrome include cold coagulation, white, swollen and painful fingers/toes, bruising, poor grip, cold limbs, numbness and excessive swelling. 

Other indicators include a pale complexion and loose stools.

Here are our top herbal supplements to re-connect your Yin and Yang... 

Dang Gui Bu Xue Tang (Astragalus & Angelica Sinesis)

A remedy to nourish your body and optimise circulation to bring harmony to the soul...
Dang Gui Bu Xue Tang may assist with body circulation, nourishing of the blood, bone formation, raising QI, improving postmenopausal health and alleviating some symptoms associated with the menopause. 
Best for: If you're looking for a remedy to promote circulation and blood nourishment to balance your Yang
A remedy to target blood flow and optimise your energy levels...
Tao Hong Si Wu Tang may assist with physical and mental fatigue, blood flow and circulation, women's irregular menses disorder, migraines and cardiovascular diseases. 
Best for: If you're looking for a remedy to combat fatigue and promote blood flow to balance your Yang
A remedy to control those loose stools and provide internal harmony...
Shen Tong Zhu Yu Tang may assist with relaxation of the muscles/nerves, expel wind, invigorate overall blood circulation, promote bowel movements and dispel blood statis. 
Best for: If you're looking for a remedy to control those frequent toilet trips and promote blood circulation to balance your Yang

For QI Deficiencies 

Key symptoms of QI deficiency in Raynaud's syndrome include pale numb fingers/toes, blisters, joint swelling, fatigue, lazy speech, thin muscles and a pale complexion. 

Here are our top herbal supplements to address QI deficiency..

A remedy to suppress those cold-like symptoms and get you on the mend...
Shi Quan Da Bu Wan may assist with nourishing dry skin, cold hands and feet, spontaneous sweating, cold manifestations, fatigue, weak digestion/reduced appetite and irregular menstruation.  
Best for: If you're looking for a remedy to dispel illness and aid digestion
A remedy to get your immunity back where it belongs...
Si Jun Zi Tang may assist with may assist with gastrointestinal function, strengthening of the immune system, helping transport nutrients throughout the body and relieving internal obstruction. 
Best for: If you're looking for a remedy to support immunity and provide internal relief 

For QI Stagnation

Key symptoms of QI stagnation in Raynaud's syndrome include purplish-red hands and feet, cold skin, general numbness and pain, emotional changes, chest pain and depression.

Here are our top herbal supplements to address QI stagnation...

A remedy to help dispel that internal discomfort...
Chai Hu Shu Gan San may assist with stress-related digestive complaints, rib pain, swollen breasts, constipation, bloating and irregular menstruation. 
Best for: If you're looking for a remedy to ease digestion and help with QI stagnation
A remedy to help you get back to your brilliant best...
Jia Wei Xiao Yao San may assist with may assist with reducing irritability, mental health disorders, generalise body pain, headaches, blurred vision, tiredness, insomnia and boosting energy levels. 
Best for: If you're looking for a remedy to assist mental health and boost activity levels


Now you've got some great herbal remedies to assist with Raynaud's syndrome, we hope you notice a dramatic improvement in your circulation and overall wellbeing! 

If you would like more information regarding the treatment of Raynaud’s syndrome or on any of the products mentioned, please contact us directly via

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