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4 Chinese Herbal Remedies to Naturally Assist Weight Control

For many of us, the weighing scales haven't been touched since lockdown and even just the thought of jumping on them can be quite overwhelming.

Even those adventurous New Year's resolutions haven't been followed in at least 2 months so the odds are being stacked up against us all. 

With summer just around the corner, it's now or never to get back into shape ready to dazzle on that stunning sunny beach in the sun and time to put those weight woes to the back of your mind (yes please).

So with that being said, here are 4 natural remedies that may assist weight control in time for those beautiful summer days... 

1) Fang Feng Tong Sheng San 防风通圣散 (Liquorice & Skullcap Root)

Shift that internal discomfort and be proud to see that figure in the mirror...
Fang Feng Tong Sheng San may assist with dispel exogenous wind to relieve interior heat, assist with general weight control, dispel stiffness and internal discomfort in the chest and act as a natural anti-inflammatory. 
Best for: If you're looking for a remedy to remove internal discomfort and assist weight control 

2) Shen Ling Bai Zhu San 参苓白术散 (Job's Tears & Atractylodis)

For those who are sedentary by nature, here's the perfect 'get-up-and-go' formula...
Shen Ling Bai Zhu San may assist with loose skin or soft muscles due to sedentary behaviour, dispel temporary water-weight gain, general distention and helps to repair the body's vital functions through the spleen and stomach meridians. 
Best for: If you're looking for a remedy to boost behaviour change and dispel water-weight naturally

3) Fei Yan™ Diet Tea 正品飞燕

For herbal tea lovers who are looking for a natural solution which has been prized for centuries...
Fei Yan™ Diet Tea may assist as a natural weight control tea, cleanse your colon, assist constipation, liver health, eliminate gas and bloating. 
Best for: If you're looking for a 100% caffeine-free and vegan friendly herbal tea to manage your weight naturally. 

4) SlimmingT 正品飞燕

Does what it says on the tin, this herbal tea is an advanced formula which may boost your weight control to achieve those body goals you're dreaming of...
SlimmingT may assist to promote metabolism naturally, kickstart your weight control journey and help to trim up naturally. 
Best for: If you're looking for a 100% caffeine-free blend with advanced weight control properties for maximum results. 


We hope our herbal recommendations can get your weight management goals back on track, ready to tackle whatever summer 2022 throws at you! We're in this together!

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