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4 Herbal Teas To Supercharge Your Workday

The workday is changing and mutating; the demands placed upon those within it are the same. A good workday should be built on three three pillars: sleep, digestion, and energy. As an Aura Nutrition customer / reader, you're likely already hip to the myriad potential health benefits these wonder-brews can have over more traditional forms of tea.

But there are formulations that could target those more specific areas of health, to give you the strength you need to tea-off right each day. Proof of the almost incomparable importance of quality sleep for your general cognitive function, long-lasting health and overall mood is vast.

Scientists have recently begun to explore in depth the idea that mental health is linked almost directly to gut health. And our need for energy isn't something that needs to be explained; you need it just to exist during the day, let alone get through that mountain of emails you've been having nightmares about.

The varieties below were picked to complement specific areas with a view to giving you the most robust base to build from. Need a boost of focus early on? We’ve got just the blend. Digestive issues dragging down your afternoons? We’ve got the blend for that too. Searching for the perfect wind-down elixir after a hard day of work? Surprise surprise, we’ve got a herbal tea for that.

Block out the cacophony of the day with a mental boost – FocusT (Peppermint, American Ginseng, Liquorice, Dried Ginger)

The ability to focus on command has never been more essential. With the proliferation of home-working, it’s likely you and many of your closest acquaintances are still having to face the demanding rigors of work with some added obstacles.

Noisy kids, over-inquisitive pets, delivery drivers that seem to have a personal vendetta against your front door knocker these are now additional spontaneous features of many workdays, and so we need to reassess what we can do to combat them. 

Focus tea blend in a clear cup, surrounded by herbs

Enter FocusT. A mouthwatering morning-starter, it’s formulated to potentially increase mental acuity, raising your overall focus levels. The best part about it – apart from the taste – is that it’s caffeine-free, so there aren’t any cut-off points for consuming it. Therefore, you can count on little bursts of mental fortitude right up until end-of-day.

Calibrate your blood-sugar levels for better performance – StabiliT (Goji Berry, Ginseng, Astralagus Root, Palmleaf Raspberry Leaf, Amur Corktree Bark)

Blood sugar regulation isn’t just important for warding off diabetes; keeping it to a healthy level is important for general cardiovascular health. We’re not trying to fearmonger, and we’re not suggesting you buy a monitoring kit. We’re just saying it’s important you and your loved ones maintain it by leading a healthy lifestyle.

If you have a friend or family member in mind that could do with some extra supplementation, we might be able to provide a delightfully-flavoured cheat code.

 herbal tea in a clear mug on a wooden slab, surrounded by herbs

We believe the key to external positivity is internal harmony, and StabiliT aims to promote that. The dominant flavour is Goji berries, a superfood with a taste loved by approximately 99% of the people we’ve put onto it.

Ginseng, Astralagus Root, Palmleaf Raspberry Leaf and Amur Corktree Bark round out the rest of this body-boosting blend, each herb latent with its own potential medicinal properties.

Focus on internal fortification to win battles throughout the workday  DigestiveT (Citrus Peel, Hawthorn Fruit, Roselle, Globe Amaranth)

Happy tummy, happy mind. That’s not one of those generic platitudes rich in goodwill yet poor in practical value; as mentioned, various studies have shown that there is a direct link between gut health and mental health, and there’s still a vast amount of research to be done.

While maintaining good mental health requires a consistent, multi-pronged approach, one of the best bases you can give to yourself is ensuring your stomach has all the help it needs to keep you balanced.

DigestiveT herbal tea blend in a clear mug, surrounded by colourful herbs

DigestiveT was concocted to potentially help in this very area. Built to promote internal harmony, the vibrant citrusy taste accentuates a process that could aid digestion and as a result general health.

Using herbal tea, or any supplementary health formulation, isn’t just about pursuing mental benefits. The physical matters just as much – and there might be no better way to test that out than by integrating this herbal tea into your daily schedule.

End your day with a sleep-targeting formulation designed to make tomorrow worthwhile  SleepyT (Lily Bulb, Reishi Mushroom, Jasmine, Palmleaf Raspberry Leaf) 

The real beginning of your workday isn’t the real beginning of your workday. That happens the night before. Getting your eight hours isn’t just important in terms of general health – it has a surprisingly devastating knock-on effect for the day that follows.

A general deterioration in mental function means tasks that would usually be a lot simpler suddenly become day-altering headaches. Worse concentration, poorer memory, and low mood don’t just make the work day borderline unbearable.

They make the day itself a shadow of what it could have been. You've been there; it feels like you have to do everything you do normally, but while wading through mud. 

Herbal tea in a clear mug on a black slab, surrounded by herbs

So, sleep isn't just important, it's essential. If you can only pick one herbal tea from this list, make it this one. SleepyT was formulated to potentially help you supercharge those precious resting hours.

Designed with the aim of coaxing your body into a more relaxed, sleep-conducive state, you’ll find a soporific mix of Lily Bulb, Reishi Mushroom, Jasmine and Raspberry Leaf in your mug. Break the cycle of over-caffeination with our caffeine-free blend, and give yourself, or your loved ones, the best possible foundation for the day ahead.

We’ve detailed a small selection of teas here, but we have a huge range each developed to target specific problems. For more general writing on our wonderful range of 100% natural supplements, please check out our blog.

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