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China's Mid-Autumn Festival 2022: What is it & Why is it Celebrated?

China's Mid-Autumn Festival 2022: What is it & Why is it Celebrated?

China's Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most well known and celebrated holidays in the East. This is also popularly observed in many other Asian countries, including Malaysia, Korea, Japan and Singapore.

Whilst each state has its own name for the festival, all of these nations celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival on the same day, with 2022's edition beginning on September 10th.

How is the date decided?

The Mid-Autumn Festival always falls on the 15th date of the 8th month in the lunar calendar, which is exactly half a lunar month within the autumn equinox. 

The 8th month in the Chinese calendar positions itself directly in the middle of autumn, with the 15th day being in the middle of each month, so the name derives from being the centre-point of the Chinese calendar. 

Why is it celebrated?

The main celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival is to re-unite family members to pray together for good health and happiness for the year ahead.

Since the moon is at its brightest and roundest during this Chinese tradition, this evokes similarities to that of Thanksgiving, predominantly celebrated in the United States. 

How can I celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Common celebrations include worshipping the moon, enjoying a re-union dinner, making or carrying lanterns around your home and eating mooncakes, a Chinese delicacy. 

Sure to be a hit with the whole family, mooncakes are a staple of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Their round shape and sweet taste symbolise the sweetness and wholeness that the festival brings to friends and family. 

The best time to eat these bites of goodness is after dinner, whilst watching the moon!

A full moon is a sentimental symbol of a family reunion whilst celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival. 

It is common for Chinese families to eat mooncakes outside whilst admiring the moon. This also gives the opportunity for parents to tell ancient stories to their children to inspire them for the coming years.

Natural Remedies For Mid-Autumn Festival 2022

For those who prefer a natural supplement to promote positivity and good luck for the rest of the year, here are our recommended remedies to kickstart your purple patch...

Bi Yan Pian 鼻炎片 (Xanthium & Magnolia)

Jia Wei Xiao Yao San 加味逍遥散 (Angelica Sinesis & White Atractylodis)

Shi Du Qing Pian 湿毒清 (Angelica Sinensis & Green Chiretta)

Xiao Yao San 逍遥散 (Angelica Sinesis & Thorowax Root)


Now that you're a Mid-Autumn Festival guru, get your friends and family together to indulge in a mooncake-filled weekend of fun!

For any further queries regarding the Mid-Autumn Festival 2022 or any of our products, please email and we'll be happy to help. 

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