Singles' Day: Supplements and Herbs To Treat Yourself

Singles' Day: Supplements and Herbs To Treat Yourself

Valentine’s Day is great, but it’s a tad exclusionary; there are plenty of people in the world who are uncoupled and doing just fine, thank you very much. Previously there wasn't much in the way of holidays for these fine, independent folk.

That is until the inception of Singles' Day, a status quo bucking Chinese holiday that occurs on the 11th of November. Aiming to celebrate single status rather than demeaning it, it's an opportunity to flip the script on Valentine's Day by buying yourself gifts. If we didn't have your attention before, we're sure we do now!

What's the history of Singles' Day? 

Conceptualised in 1993 within the depths of Nanjing University's Mingcaowuzhu dorm, Singles' Day was initially 'Bachelor's Day'. Brainstormed as a way to champion male singlehood, its popularity quickly exploded, eventually morphing into a far more inclusive holiday. 

Apart from giving singletons something to celebrate, it's also become an opportunity to socialise with friends and (ironically) even meet other singles. The day has taken on significance beyond its definition, encouraging people to appreciate themselves as much as the people around them. 

The best gifts to buy yourself for Singles’ Day

The wonderfully subversive Singles' Day has been an essential fixture in the Chinese calendar for decades, and it's still-growing popularity has us thinking it might not be long before it's celebrated over here, too. But why wait for the western world to catch up? 

We don’t spend enough time thinking about ourselves; it might sound silly, but an annual splurge on things that make you feel good is a legitimate form of self love. Our stance is that sense of self love goes up tenfold when you buy products that are actually good for you*, as well. Which leads us to…

Pure EnergyT


EnergyT on a tray with natural herbs


Most of us could do with an extra boost in the day. Whether it’s to make up for poor sleep or because there’s a task ahead of you that requires a burst of willpower, that little nudge towards productivity is an important one. 

Problem is, a lot of those ‘nudges’ are caffeine-infused, and so that brief boost inevitably brings a crash later on. It’s natural to want to ameliorate that, so usually we turn to the thing that caused it, ensuring a vicious cycle that results in bad sleep, and more caffeine the next day. 

Pure EnergyT was designed to offer an energising kick that doesn’t come with a subsequent comedown a couple of hours later. Designed to galvanise your energy levels organically, it could also help speed up metabolism*. 

Aura Vit D3 + K2


Vitamin D3 and K2

We’ve been Vitamin D evangelists for a while now, and we don’t anticipate taking our foot off the pedal anytime soon. It’s estimated that around one billion people worldwide suffer from vitamin D deficiency, so we’ll shout it from the rooftops if we have to. 

Instrumental in helping the body absorb and keep calcium and phosphorus, there’s a wealth of potential benefits beyond its proven applications for increasing bone health. Further research is required, but the signs are pointing to a supplement that may have a variety of uses. 

But for now, if you’re interested in supplementing your body with minerals to hopefully help it function a bit better, our Vitamin D3 + K2 formulation is a great place to start. As mentioned, vitamin D plays an important role in the absorption of crucial minerals like calcium and K2 ensures those nutrients go where they need to. 

Fei Yan™ Tea


Fei Yan Tea


The world of weight loss is fraught with dangerous chemicals and ‘get slim quick’ fads that do more harm than good. Here at Aura Nutrition, we think feeling good in yourself should be the goal – and that there isn’t any objective ideal we should strive towards. 

But if your health journey does involve a reduction in weight, Fei Yan™ Tea is a viable natural alternative. Treasured in the far East for centuries for its metabolism-stoking properties, it’s a herbal blend that’s caffeine-free, vegan, and 100% natural, using authentic Chinese ingredients only. 

Your sweet-tasting metabolism boost contains an array of prized herbs: Lotus Leaf, Astragalus Root, Hawthorn Fruit, Stevia Leaf, and Rhubarb Root to name a few. Each ingredient is carefully picked and totally natural, offering an organic route to weight reduction*.

Jia Wei Xiao Yao San 加味逍遥散

Jia Wei Xiao Yao San

One of the best gifts you can give yourself is an easier passage through the day ahead. Whether that involves exercise, yoga, mindfulness – activities that soothe the brain and body into a calmer, more zen state of mind are almost incomparable in terms of the value they can provide. 

Jia Wei Xiao Yao San aims to replicate those markers of physical and mental wellbeing by targeting an increase in internal energy and harmony and mental acuity. This 100% natural vegan friendly formulation is developed to improve mental health, reduce irritability, and generally increase energy levels*. 

Taken in combination with a healthy, balanced lifestyle, this organic supplement can contribute to a positive sense of wellbeing by attempting to promote certain areas of physical and mental function*. 

Singles' Day: an opportunity to say thanks to yourself, and a holiday that should be celebrated nationwide

We think Singles’ Day represents a positive step forward socially. It’s easy to dismiss, but there’s a certain ostracising quality to Valentine’s Day that we’re glad is being remedied with this special holiday. Disappointingly, it hasn’t caught on in the western world quite yet, but we assume that will come with time. 

For now, Singles’ Day remains a crucial part of the year for those in the East, and we think you should embrace it just as strongly, wherever you may reside. It’s a paradigm shift in gifting holidays that presents an exceedingly rare, uniquely nourishing opportunity: the chance to tell yourself you’re loved and valued, irrespective of your marital situation.

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*Please note, Aura Nutrition cannot guarantee the positive effects of its products. Results may vary. Our products are not designed to treat medical conditions or diseases.

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