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Kidney Meridian: 8 Formulas to Revitalise Your Soul

Kidney Meridian: 8 Formulas to Revitalise Your Soul

The kidney (shen) is responsible for regulating water throughout the body. Another crucial part of its role is to store the vital essence (jing) which is one of the five fundamental substances of life. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is a very popular meridian to regulate and restore vital energy (qi) to circulate throughout the body. 

So, here's how the kidney meridian can help re-connect your yin and yang... 

What is the kidney meridian?

In the eyes of TCM, the kidney has an important role to play to help regulate water metabolism, by helping the lung to co-ordinate respiration by directing qi downwards. 

Possessing a strong kidney qi will lead to consistent, regular breathing whilst weak qi will impact inhalation, which can lead to 'deficient' asthma.  

What are the functions of the kidney?

Within the kidney, the vital essence can produce many potential health boosting functions such as... 

  • Creation of bone marrow
  • Improved memory
  • Vigour
  • Widsom
  • Well-developed skills

Without this vital essence, the effects may turn to poor memory, low spirit, lack of motivation/aspiration and accelerated aging. 

What are the solutions?

Utilising Chinese herbal supplements is a fantastic and sustainable way to potentially boost your kidney health through the meridians.

Check out the best remedies here:

Our daily recommended dosage of Chinese herbal supplements is 6 tablets*

The traditional way of taking these is three tablets, twice a day (morning and evening).

Some of the Aura team prefer to take these with breakfast in the morning, and just before bed in the evening.  

*We always recommend consulting a Chinese medical practitioner prior to starting supplementation, as they will be able to give tailored advice on your personal recommended daily dosage. 

How long does each formula last for?

Each bottle of Aura contains 60 tablets. Following the recommended daily intake, this will last 10 days when consuming 6 tablets per day to assist your wellbeing goals. 

If you have been advised to take a lower dosage by your Chinese medical practitioner, these formulas may last up to 2 weeks. 


Now that you've got an array of herbal supplements to support your heart function, kickstart your journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle with the help of natural Chinese herbs!

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