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4 Winter Warmers for Herbal Tea Lovers

In the lead up to Christmas, 'tis the season to avoid being outside in sub-zero conditions and instead, wrap up comfy on the sofa with a cuppa.

There's nothing better than flicking the kettle on and getting ready to binge watch your favourite show for hours on end. 

So, let's kickstart your ultimate Netflix marathon with 4 winter warmers which are sure to be the ultimate chill-out remedy... 

1) HappyT

Combining the sweet tasting vibrant herbs of Jasmine, Linden Leaf and Palmleaf Raspberry Leaf, this herbal blend is perfect to uphold those positive vibes in the lead up to Santa's arrival. 

Perfect to revitalise your heart and mind, sipping this hearty herbal tea may improve your metabolism and positive outlook

Don't look out the window and let the cold dark nights get you down, focus on the tasty cuppa in your hand and all will be well in your world. 



2) DigestiveT

Bringing together the colourful quartet of Citrus Peel, Hawthorn Fruit, Roselle and Globe Amaranth, this herbal blend is perfect in the lead up to the big feast.

Perfect to promote healthy digestion and revitalise your body's natural processes. Once you reach that equal balance of internal harmony, your body will thank you for it. 

This will come in handy post-Christmas dinner to help you get back to the sofa without rolling away too far! 


3) DetoxT

Made with a delightful mix of Lotus Leaf, Cassia Seed, Hawthorn Fruit, Palmleaf Raspberry Leaf and Bitter Orange Flower Bud, this blend is great for a full-body detox before the big 'Crimbo blowout (we know you will)!

Ideal to rejuvenate goodness through your body, this is a blend for those searching for the ultimate 'at ease' feeling. 

It's been another long and stressful year, so treat your internal system to a bit of TLC with each sip of this harmonious herbal tea.



4) Fei Yan™ Tea

Rounding off our Winter warmers is an authentic blend, inspired by Eastern legend.

This blend is named after a Chinese Empress of the Han Dynasty - Zhao Fei Yan.

Her slim and fragile figure was sought after by many, who were intrigued to find out her secret formula for slimming success

Fei Yan directly translates to 'Flying Sparrow', which drew the comparisons to the graceful bird. 

The legend says that Zhao Fei Yan was 'as light as a swallow and could dance on another one's palm'. 

Weave your way gracefully through a delightful blend of Lotus Leaf, Luffa Acutangula, Tangerine Peel, Astragalus Root, Hawthorn Fruit, Fiveleaf Gynostemma Herb, Stevia Leaf, Oolong Tea, Rhubarb Root and Genmaicha.
If you're keen on slimming your figure in the lead up to the big day, sipping a Fei Yan™ whilst enjoying your favourite show is the way to go!



Now that you've got an arsenal of winter warming herbal teas, kick back and relax, Christmas will be with you in no time!

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