Dragon Boat Festival 2024: What Is It & Why Is It Celebrated?

Dragon Boat Festival 2024: What Is It & Why Is It Celebrated?

The Dragon Boat Festival has been a cherished national celebration in China for over 2,000 years. Known as the Duan Wu Festival, it begins on the 5th day of the 5th month of the Chinese Lunar calendar. This year in 2024, the festival will start on June 10th.

Today, thanks to the rising influence of Chinese culture, the festival is also celebrated in many Asian countries, including South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Where It All Began

The festival originated in southern China and is held to honour Qu Yuan, a renowned Chinese poet; Wu Zixu, a famous Chinese general; and Cao E, a notable river in Zhejiang Province.

The tradition of dragon boat racing is believed to stem from the legend of villagers paddling out to recover the body of Qu Yuan (343-278 BC), who drowned himself in a river.

What's the Significance of the Date?

June is considered an inauspicious month in Eastern culture, often associated with illness and bad luck. The festival's primary goal is to promote good health, ward off disease, and prepare for the months ahead.

A common practice among Chinese households during the festival is burning Mugwort (Ai Ye) and other herbs to cleanse their homes of evil spirits.

Additionally, many families drink realgar wine (Xionghuang) and wear perfume pouches to ward off all forms of evil.

How Is the Race Set Up?

In keeping with tradition, the wooden boats used for the festival are shaped and decorated like traditional Chinese dragons. The size of these boats varies by region and country.

Typically, a dragon boat measures between 20-35 meters in length and requires 22-60 people to paddle. During the races, teams paddle in harmony to the beat of drums, which help maintain rhythm and motivation.

Legend has it that the winning team will enjoy good luck and a happy life for the following year, making the competition fierce and exhilarating!

How Is This Typically Celebrated?

Many families celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival by eating sticky rice dumplings (Zong Zi).

These dumplings are traditionally enjoyed as part of the festival, commemorating Qu Yuan and Wu Zixu.

Although Zong Zi are especially popular during the festival, they can be savoured year-round, with local provinces in China offering their unique varieties.

Zong Zi are made using glutinous rice and wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves, distinguishing them from other traditional Chinese dumplings.

Natural Remedies for Good Luck

For those who prefer natural supplements containing the herbs used in Zong Zi to potentially promote good luck and well-being for the year ahead, here are our potential recommended remedies to kickstart your fortune:

1. Gui Pi Tang
May Helps Manage Your Stress & Mental Function/Fatigue

2. Jia Wei Xiao Yao San
May Regulate Internal Energy & Could Relieve Discomfort

3. Shi Quan Da Bu Wan
Could Dispel Cold Symptoms & May Enhance Sexual Function

4. Xiao Chai Hu Tang
Potentially Balances Your Digestion & Blood Flow to Possibly Regulate QI


    Now that you're a Dragon Boat Festival expert, get your oar ready to join a local race and bring your team a year of good fortune with potential formulas.

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