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How Herbal Teas Can Improve 'Immuni-tea'

How Herbal Teas Can Improve 'Immuni-tea'

In our previous blog, we highlighted some great immune-boosting formulas to help you prepare for the dreaded cold and flu season.

This time, for all you herbal tea lovers, we've compiled the best formulas to improve your 'immuni-tea', and keep your health in top condition:


This formula combines specific Chinese herbs to assist with your body's detoxification process.
DetoxT may help to strengthen your immune function by eliminating toxins and lipids, varieties of harmful bacteria which can negatively affect your cell function.
Best for: If you want to remove unwanted toxins from the body 


We've all been there - feeling a little under the weather, your immune system is playing up and your stomach is giving you grief.  
DigestiveT's advanced formula is ideal for those who experience unwanted internal issues and want to rectify them with a natural aid. 
Best for: If you want to suppress stomach cramps naturally


No one likes to have their immune system shot to pieces, it's exhausting enough trying to drag yourself through the day when feeling worse for wear. 
To assist your mental alertness and function, FocusT's blend is a great medium between balance and control.  
Best for: If you need a mental 'pick me up' when feeling unwell

Pure EnergyT

Right - picture this...
You wake up feeling unwell, so the thought of leaving bed isn't top priority. 
We've got to get up at one point or another, so Pure EnergyT is the perfect caffeine-free aid to give you that much needed boost.
Containing Astragalus root, this is may be effective at reducing stress levels, boosting the body's natural defenses, reducing blood pressure and protecting against cardiovascular and illnesses relating to diabetes.

Another key ingredient, Ginseng is widely known for its potent anti-inflammatory properties and role in improving brain function. It also may reduce stress and improve mood.

Best for: If you're low on energy and need a mental & physical boost
You've probably heard of our old friends, Ying and Yang.
Without these two perfectly balanced at all times, your immune function won't work as it should.
This StabiliT blend is formulated to help you discover a perfect balance and harmony for your immune system, helping you improve your metabolism by providing health enhancing qualities. 
Best for: If you need a subtle aid to get back to your best 


With an overview of powerful herbal formulas to strengthen your 'immuni-tea', you're ready for whatever is thrown at you!

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