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What's the Difference between Fei Yan™ Tea & SlimmingT?

What's the Difference between Fei Yan™ Tea & SlimmingT?

Lockdown didn't do us many favours, let's be honest.

There were so many great ideas when the pandemic first hit - set up a home gym, train for a marathon, only eat unprocessed foods... 

Well... I'm sure that the majority of these wonderful ideas didn't quite go exactly to plan.

Don't worry - we had high hopes for ourselves as well.

Instead, we found external peace on the sofa, binge-watched our favourite shows for hours on end and went up a couple of clothes sizes. 

Fast-forward to the present day, some of you may be in the same boat. 

You're not happy with your figure, and you want results. Fast.

Here we meet at the natural herbal tea crossroads. 

One path leads to Fei Yan™ Tea. The other leads to SlimmingT.

Both teas known for their ability to help you trim up naturally, but what are the differences between the two?

Let's uncover the secrets of these powerful herbal teas:

Fei Yan™ Tea

For centuries, Fei Yan Tea has been prized for its ability to promote natural weight loss and health-enhancement. 

The secret recipe comes from the original Fei Yan™ Diet Tea blend


This blend is named after a Chinese Empress of the Han Dynasty - Zhao Fei Yan.

Her slim and fragile figure was sought after by many, who were intrigued to find out her secret formula for slimming success

Fei Yan directly translates to 'Flying Sparrow', which drew the comparisons to the graceful bird. 

The legend says that Zhao Fei Yan was 'as light as a swallow and could dance on another one's palm'. 

Rumour has it that the Empress maintained her small waistline by drinking her authentic diet Tea daily. 

What Makes this Special?

Due to very high demand for this tea, the market was once saturated with counterfeit products which did not have the same desired weight loss effect.

To ensure the market gets the very best product, we have exclusively partnered with the founder of Fei Yan tea and re-branded this for the Western market.

So - next time you see another supposed 'Fei Yan tea' on the market, just remember where to find the 100% authentic product. 

Aura Health & Wellbeing is the only registered supplier in Europe.

Today, Fei Yan Tea is one of the most popular herbal weight loss teas consumed across Europe, and for good measure! 

Combining Lotus Leaf, Tangerine Peel, Rhubarb Root, Stevia Leaf and Oolong Tea makes this the ultimate formula to kickstart your weight loss journey.

Being naturally caffeine-free, you can enjoy its delicious taste without getting too much of a 'buzz'.  

Consuming these powerful Chinese herbs in a beautiful blend of tea can get you back on track with your slimming goals, naturally.

Soon, you'll be reminiscing to those days on the sofa and wishing you'd discovered this blend sooner!


This special blend has been formulated to help improve your metabolism, which can contribute to healthy weight loss.

SlimmingT combines Lotus Leaf, Hawthorn Fruit, Luff Cylindrica, Coix Seeds, Astragalus Root, Liquorice Root and Oolong Tea. 

What Makes this Special?

While you might be itching ready to get your hands on some SlimmingT, this blend does promote bowel movements, so make sure you take care when drinking! 

This natural herbal tea could possess a range of health benefits which we could all get behind:

1) May boost energy & metabolism - helps you discharge fat and toxins

2) May help burn fat and calories - targets extra fat stored in your body 

3) Can treat habitual constipation

4) May help slim down abdominal area 

5) Can calm bloating

6) Contains antioxidants - decreasing the risk of inflammation

7) May support detoxification - reduces toxins in the body 


Now you've got an idea of which tea is best for your weight loss goals, it's time to kickstart your journey!

Click here to explore the full functional herbal tea range.

For any further queries, please contact info@auranutrition.com and we'll be happy to help. 

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