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Flatulence & Internal Wind: 5 Herbal Formulas to Manage These Effectively

Flatulence & Internal Wind: 5 Herbal Formulas to Manage These Effectively

After a blowout on the weekend, you're sure to have some internal wind that needs freeing. 

As liberating as it is to let rip, there's definitely a time and a place for it (office or the lift are not the best choices, not talking from experience I must add)

For those who often flirt with pungent danger a little too much, it can be frustrating to bottle your natural wind up all day leading to a very uncomfortable feeling. 

So, to ensure you don't have to release the skunk within you, here are 5 great herbal formulas to naturally manage these symptoms... 

What causes flatulence & internal wind?

Flatulence, in its most PG format is the process whereby excess gas is released from the digestive system in the body. 

Most flatulence is normal, but excess buildup can occur when your body has a lot to break down in the digestive system, meaning the main culprit for flatulence is overeating or indigestion. It can also happen when swallowing air whilst eating or drinking. 

If this is sounding all too familiar so far, you'll be pleased to know that the average person experiences internal flatulence/wind anywhere between 13 and 21 times a day! 

For some individuals, certain foods can trigger excessive flatulence, which can be pretty painful if you're trying your hardest to hold them in whilst in the office. 

How can I make short-term fixes?

If you regularly suffer with the symptoms of flatulence/internal wind, here are some tips to make short-term improvements: 

  • Avoid chewing gum regularly 
  • Try to slow down when eating or drinking
  • Cut down carbonated drink intake
  • Review your diet choices to spot foods that may contribute
  • Seek medical advice to uncover a potential health condition
  • Drink more water
  • Consume ginger as part of your diet

What are some long-term solutions?

Utilising Chinese herbal remedies is a fantastic and easy way to naturally ease the symptoms of flatulence and internal wind.

Check out our best remedies to streamline the breaking of wind:

Our daily recommended dosage of Chinese herbal supplements is 6 tablets* to promote health and wellbeing.

The traditional way of taking these tablets is twice a day (morning and evening).

For best results, we recommend taking these with breakfast in the morning, and just before bed in the evening.  

*We always recommend contacting a consultant prior to starting supplementation, as they will be able to give tailored advice on your personal recommended daily dosage. 


Now that you've got an array of herbal supplements to kick those sleep disturbances to the kerb, kickstart your journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle with the help of natural Chinese herbs!

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